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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How all of you have touched my heart...

I am so overwhelmed with gratitude to all of you for your concern and caring comments on my blog. I assure you it was not for health reason I made that hasty decision. I am new at this medium, and didn't do my homework well as far as copyrights and so forth; so consequently I made some mistakes and crossed a line. I was very distraught when I was contacted about this . I never meant any harm least of all stealing.

Maybe you could understand how I am transported to other times and history when I research for a post, is like been in a quest, and I literally lose myself in the research of the amazing trove of history these dolls represent. But there are restrictions and these things must be adhere to.

I will not abandon the blog; its a lifeline for me...and I love that you, my friends, find it pleasing and interesting enough to have replied to my previous notice with such loving and caring comments...I will have a new post on the next week or so, that I think you will find interesting.

A thousand times 'Thank You" for been there and for changing my mind for me...

...for that I am indebted to all of you!

And a very special thanks for my dear friends Alberto and Phillip for your wise feedback and support.

I love you all.




  1. Dear Martha, I thank you for making this clarification :-)
    Although I have little time to write my comments, your blog was one of those which I read with more pleasure :-)
    If it were not for you, I would not have bought my first (and, for the moment, only) antique doll ...
    These bureaucratic nuisances make me very sad: Do not allow people to express themselves!
    However, I think it is worth it :-)
    If you like, come see my doll here:


    Again, mini lovely hugs

  2. Thank you Flora and Hermes... I feel so much better!
    Flora I saw your doll and left you a comment ...she is beautiful!

    Hermes, Thank you for everything!

  3. The comment below is t from my dear friend Hermes...That for some reason got deleted...Sorry Hermes! don't know what happened.

    And we're all grateful for the effort in your wonderful posts.

  4. Querida Marta, no te preocupes porque todo tiene solución. Supongo que a alguien le ha molestado que pusieses algo suyo en tu blog. Espero que sigas escribiendo sobre muñecas y sobre vidas interesantes, como la de Adelina, pero a partir de ahora, cuando encuentres algo en algún libro o en alguna web, pon el enlace a la página o la referencia al libro. Si son muchas cosas, numéralas entre paréntesis y pon al final del blog una "Bibliografía", así no podrán decir que te apropias de algo que no es tuyo.
    La verdad es que a veces hay gente que se molesta demasiado porque alguien pone algo. A mí me ha pasado, pero al contrario. He hecho cosas y se me han ocurrido cosas con las restauraciones de muñecas que luego otras, al cabo de años, han publicado como si fuesen ideas suyas, pero ni me molesto. Prefiero dedicarme a disfrutar de mis muñecas que andar discutiendo si la idea es suya o mía. Lo importante para mí es que esas cosas que se me ocurrieron han supuesto que muchas muñecas no terminen en la basura.
    Siempre que necesites algo, cuenta conmigo.
    Un beso y sigue adelante con este blog tan maravilloso.

  5. Good for you!

    Me alegra descubrir este post. Y me alegra que estés más relajada. Unos dias para meditar hacen que veamos las cosas de otra manera, supongo.

    Has alegrado a muchos con esta decisión. Your work in this blog is amazing for so many people...!

    And i don't need your special thanks. It's a pleasure for me regañarte en los emails :)


    Besos grandes.

  6. Dear Marta, I am so glad you have changed your mind, you write so beautifully to inform us about the wonderful world of dolls.Keep writing for all of us please.
    Susie x

  7. Maru, Alberto and Susie..many many thanks!
    Gracias Maru... Esto has sido una buena leccion para mi y tendre mas cuidado. De seguro seguire tus consejos tan sabios. No sabes que emocion tan grande me da recibir tantos mensajes de buena fe. Muchos besos.

    Albertico, mi cielo...se que estabas desilusionado porque me senti vencida, y por la angustia que me dio opte por la solucion mas facil, el abandono...Pero en el fondo me dio coraje terminar el blog que tanta alegria e inspiracion me da. Gracia por tus reprimendas...Un besote!

    Susie... How lovely of you to comment, I am so moved by all the responses. Thank you my friend!

  8. Wow, I am just now reading about all this. I'm slow to read blogs at times. Sorry about that. So glad you are not closing your blog. I really enjoy it. It's one that I like to make time for to savor. You always put so much information and history in your posts, which is beyond awesome!
    So sorry about that happened, but understandable. We all know you meant no harm and would never take anything that wasn't your's.
    Please don't let this dampen your enthusiasm and love for dolls & history. You have so much to give this venue.

  9. I normally read your blog in the Google reader, so I am not sure exactly what transpired. I just want to say I love your posts and research. As a UFDC member, I love doll research and dolls. I am as carried away reading as you at writing! Hope you will continue to post. Sorry I have not posted more often, but I have to go to a different computer to post...blogger is temperamental.

  10. Bama and DollzandThingz...Thank you so much for your kind and uplifting comments. I will definitely continue this blog, it means so much to me all of your encouragement. I just need to be more careful going forward.
    Big Hugs!

  11. We live and learn. We get up, brush ourselves off, and keep on living and learning...wiser each time. (Then, after many years of getting really wise, we croak and they read about us in the obituaries, but that's another story. heheh.)

    I'm soooo glad you're not giving up. Your passion for the research is a treasure--to you and the rest of us.
    Cheers, hugs, and big smiles.

  12. Thank you Jan...You are so right and hysterically funny! I can't wait to get back to my stories.

  13. Marta, so glad you are continuing with your beautiful blog. It is always so informative and lovely. Its clear you would never hurt anyone and just are so passionate about your love for the artistry of dolls and sharing that with all of us.
    Best Wishes to you!

  14. Thank you Carol, so sweet of you to comment. This blog is precious to me, and I love the work,especially if others find it interesting as well. I am currently working on my next post, I hope you will like.

  15. I understand completely what you mean.
    No one who is looking to your weblog will think you do something by purpose. So, please go on, because it gives so much pleasure!!!!

  16. Hello dear Marta!!! I've been out of the loop! I had no idea you were considering ending this most informative blog!! I always look forward to your posts and am relieved to hear you will continue on this quest!!! Pretty Please!!!????

  17. Thank you Kleurrijk and Nancy! I am so touched , you can't imagine how rewarding it is to hear from all of you. It fills me with joy.
    A thousand thanks!

  18. Marta,
    I too am enjoying your pictures and information. You shared with your heart. God bless you. Victoria