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How long have we had this love affair with Dolls?

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New World Dictionary describes a doll as - "a child's toy, puppet, marionette, etc. made to resemble a human being."

Monday, January 18, 2010

Early Wooden Dolls to the 1850s… Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder…

The Old Pretenders
These delightful handcarved 'Queen Anne' style wooden dolls are made by David Chapman & Paul Robins.
English wood dolls of the time are commonly referred to as “Queen Ann” dolls. This may be too general a term as the dolls predate Queen Ann. Eighteen century dolls have different characteristics that can be sorted into three periods:
William and Mary, Queen Ann, and Georgian.

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  1. Hola Marta, I love these dolls. specially de dresses, that fabrics with those colors are great!
    Beautiful blog, by the way! I just found it throu AlfredoZ. I´ll be back soon.
    Best regards