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How long have we had this love affair with Dolls?

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New World Dictionary describes a doll as - "a child's toy, puppet, marionette, etc. made to resemble a human being."

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Golden Age of Automata

If all the world’s a stage
automatas are a play within a play.Some of the most wonderful were inspired by the character of Commedia Dell’Arte and their famous French creators were Roullet & Decamp, Vichy, and Lambert among others.

The period 1860 to 1910 is known as "The Golden Age of Automata". During this period
many small family based companies of automata makers thrived in Paris. From their workshops, they exported thousands of clockwork and mechanical singing birds, and moving dolls. It is these French automata that are collected today, although now rare and expensive they attract collectors worldwide..


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